Analysis of the causes of wrinkling of cold Laminator

March 28, 2019


The enamel film is the finishing touch of advertising production, protecting the picture and prolonging the life, but whether it is cold or hot Laminator, there is often a wrinkling phenomenon.

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Summary of the reasons for wrinkling of the diaphragm are:

1. The cold laminator has a large degree of unilateral tightness, or the middle of the two sides is tight, causing the unevenness of the picture to cause wrinkling of the aponeurosis.

2. The cold laminator does not match the ambient temperature, and it is too soft, causing the film to deform and causing wrinkling of the diaphragm.

Zhengzhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

3.he cold laminator is faulty, and the diaphragm is used to cause the diaphragm to wrinkle.

4,.The cold laminator speed is not uniform, causing wrinkling of the cold laminator 

5. The tension of the cold laminator is too large, and the stretched membrane causes the diaphragm to wrinkle.