Brief Introduction of the Cold Lamination Film Without Base Paper

September 07, 2018

Cold lamination film - is a kind of protective film that is applied to the photo printing screen. It’s laminated by hand or with a cold lamination machine to prevent the screen (printing surface) from being scratched, contaminated or wetted, and to protect the picture. It’s widely used in wedding photos, oil painting production, calligraphy and painting, outdoor posters, advertising, all kinds of pictures, documents, files and so on.

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The cold lamination film can be divided into bottomed paper film and no base paper film.


The bottomed paper film is a traditional cold lamination film made of transparent PVC by backing gum.

The disadvantage of bottomed paper: 

1、The uneven bottomed paper causes small bubbles when film lamination! 

2、The bottomed paper is difficult to recycle due to its inability to dissolve, causing pollution to the environment and adding a cleanup burden on the factory!

3、The labor cost is high, and the no base paper cold film only needs one person to operate completely easily!

4、High cost, easy to shrink, easy to fold when film lamination, low speed, occupying inventory space, etc.


The cold lamination film without base paper, BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film as base material, is made by heating acrylic sensitive adhesive. It has strong tensile strength, light weight, no deterioration, high adhesion, smooth sealing, low cost and other excellent characteristics. 

1、BOPP material is used to apply water glue and oil glue, which is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless.

2、Needn’t special lamination machine, as long as all the automatic lamination machines on the market can be used. Unlike the first generation of no bottom paper lamination film, special machines are needed, which greatly reduces the dealer's distribution cost.    

3、No noise. I believe that customers who have learned about the first generation of no base paper cold film should know that noise is unbearable for workers, neighbors, and people in the environment. Through our improvement, special surface coating, re-dispensed glue formula, your working environment is no longer unbearable.

4、No rewinding. We know that once the rewinding of the screen will bring a lot of trouble to our work. It will increase the amount of extra work. That is because the first generation of cold lamination film itself has a very large pulling force. When the cold lamination film is overlaid on the screen, Its pulling force will always exist on the screen. So the first generation of products will appear rewinding. Of course, all these problems will be solved by our new products.

Cold lamination film without base paper can be divided into light film and abrasive film(matte film) according to the texture of the film surface.

Light film

The surface of the film is flat and bright, with high transparency, moisture proof, anti-corrosion, good durability, easy to clean, easy to install, light weight and non-flammable.


The Advantages of Light Film:


1、The light film is a waterproof plastic film in itself. And It can make the surface of the original non-waterproof picture material become waterproof by laminating the light film.

2、The light film makes the surface of the picture brighter and looks more upscale and attracts attention. 

3、The film can protect the printed ink and the content, making the printed surface scratch-resistant and more durable. Zhengzhou Mefu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.Abrasive Film(Matte Film)


The surface of the matte film is matte texture, which has the advantage of effectively resisting fingerprint attack and easy to clean. It has a slight influence on the display effect, and the hand feel is unique, improving the level of the screen effect.

The above are the main features of various cold lamination films. It can be distinguished and utilized according to the their different characteristics