Maintenance Advice for the Rubber Roller of Laminating Machine

June 21, 2018

1. The daily cleaning of the rubber roller must be clean, otherwise it will make the surface layer of the rubber roller and the pigment, the resin oxidation and produce a layer of smooth and hard film, which will cause the surface vitrification and affect the transmission of ink. If the cleaning is not always clean, the surface of the rubber roller will become uneven and unusable. Therefore, the roller should be cleaned and put back for use when shutting down.


2. The long-term aging of the rubber roller, coupled with the corrosion of chemicals, causing the rotten rubber to lose the “residue”. Such a rubber roller is better not to be used anymore, otherwise it will severely affect the quality of the printed product.

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3. In order to ensure that it does not affect the production and printing quality, there must be a backup ink roller, but do not store too much to avoid aging. The storage environment of rubber roller is the same as blanket. In addition, the rubber roller should be straightened at the journal, and the surface should not touch each other or contact with other objects, so as to avoid deformation of the rubber roller.


4. The rubber roller should not be stored near the large-scale electrical engine and generator. Due to the large amount of ozone generated by these devices, the surface of the rubber roller will be degraded and cracked.


5. When the weather is cold, the ink does not mix evenly, and auxiliary materials may be properly added to the ink. It is prohibited to use infrared heaters and other equipment to bake the ink roller to prevent the roller from oxidizing.