The Cause and Solution of the Wrinkle of Film Laminating Machine

May 24, 2018

What to do when wrinkle occur during graphics coating? Is there any good solution?

1.Vertical Wrinkle.Excessive film tension lead to wrinkle in itself. Lamination didn’t flatten it. Therefore wrinkle occurred after coating.

Solution: Loosen film’s tension and adjust the spreader roll, start to laminate after film is flattened

2.Oblique wrinkle. Large film tension and improper adjustment of roller position cause inconsistent elasticity in film. So, the film is uneven and folded regularly to the loose side.

Solution: Loosen film tension and adjust the spreader roll, or change the film temporarily.

3.Transverse wrinkle. Heater overheated or excessive pressure of roller, the film is horizontal and ironed into transverse wrinkle.

Solution: Reduce the heater’s temperature or reduce the pressure of the rubber roller properly.

4. The film is deformed and wrinkled for high heating temperature

Solution: Lower the temperature

5. Too much water in the paper. The paper shrinks after dry laminating, so the film is deformed and wrinkled.

Solution: Moisture content of the paper should be about 5%, and keep the working room temperature and humidity normal

6. The conduction roller is not working well or the surface with dirt to cause the film can not stretch and normal operation.

Solution: The conduction roller bearing should be lubricated and kept clean without any foreign matter

7. Too small gap of the guide roller, squeeze the film into wrinkles before lamination.

Solution: Adjust the gap of the guide roller properly

8. Too high temperature of the roller leads to film heat expansion.

Solution: Lower the roller’s temperature

9. The film and conduction roller is not parallel, resulting in unbalanced film operation.

Solution: Adjust the conduction roller properly to make it parallel.

10. The different tightness of two sides of the film, or the film with wavy edges.

Solution: Change for the qualified film

11. Too thick adhesive coating layer and too strong viscosity, resulting in the paper and film sliding after laminated and pressed.

Solution: Adjust the amount of glue and increase the drying temperature

The precoated and coating film laminating machine have the similar principles. But the former with more simple laminating process and needn’t adhesive heating and drying. It is more convenient when laminating.

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